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Hiring Principals…There’s No Guarantee

I was excited to see Brandon Palmer’s blog about hiring principals and his reminder that the processes we use matter.  When I was a school district superintendent, hiring principals was one of my most important responsibilities.  It was also one of my most difficult tasks.  I think Palmer’s assertion that the hiring practices for principals have not changed much over the years while the responsibilities of principals are ever-evolving is pretty darn accurate.  Palmer further points out that hiring practices have rarely been the focus of related research.  The article promises some tips for making hiring practices better, and I read the blog eagerly awaiting a few good tips.  However, when I got to the “list” of pointers, I saw that I had actually implemented every single one of them.  It was disappointing to me because I realized you can update your hiring practices, put in place these suggestions to improve your principal hiring practices…and still, there is no guarantee you’ll get a good principal.  Unfortunately, I used the same process as suggested in the article to hire both a really good principal and one that turned out to be really not good.  Even though there’s no foolproof method of hiring, Palmer’s suggestions are a good start to changing principal hiring practices if you haven’t updated them to account for the changing role principals are required to play.

Are you focused on the right stuff?

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Is your job stimulating?

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Sometimes there are cool things on Facebook!

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Brown v. Board–what has changed?

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The CCSS Circus

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Parents do matter….right?

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When it becomes all about adults…

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Learning While Teaching

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Advice for Parents of Athletes

As a former coach, wife of a coach, daughter and daughter-in-law of coaches, and mother of a coach, we have plenty of crazy parent stories to share.  It seems like the "encounters" coaches have with angry parents get more frequent.  That might be a … [Continue reading]